Degree in Business Administration from the School of Management, Specialization in Management Control from ISCTE Business School, has extensive management experience in companies in Portugal, Spain and Mozambique in sectors such as banking, logistics, consultancy and hospitality. He held a position of financial officer and general manager.

Responsible for Human Resources and day-to-day office management of the company. She has a degree in Business and Administration Management from the Universidade Politécnica – A Politécnica Mozambique. She also attended a Masters Course in Human Resources Management, Global Strategies, and Management of Small and Medium Enterprises at Galilee College, Israel.

He holds a degree in Economics from Eduardo Mondlane University in 1976 and has extensive experience in the management and management of companies in Mozambique in a variety of sectors (trade, industry, construction, etc.). He has held positions of economic, financial and accounting officer as well as consulting and economic and financial advisory activities in several companies.

Archivist, responsible for library services and for the organization of physical and electronic client files (selection and registration of documentation received, books, periodicals, legislation and all kinds of documentation produced), in accordance with company policies. Assists with the implementation and maintenance of new management software in use at the company.

Degree in Computer Engineering and Telecommunications at Higher Institute of Transport and Communications (ISUTC) in 2009. Responsible for the areas of Information Technology and Communications.

SAL & Caldeira Advogados, Lda. Image Manager, responsible for its corporate image, organizational and media policies, external and internal publications and public relations. Responsible for the company´s media and communication strategies.

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